Why do I write? Or, should I say, why do I want to write?

Mainly, it’s because I love books.

Don’t worry, I realize how incredibly trite that may sound.

From a very young age I was taught that reading each day was important, and I saw the impact of this lesson as I grew. I learned to read quickly, I learned to write quickly, and once those two things were under control, my imagination was able to flow freely. I became fascinated (and to be truthful, I still am) at the way an author could take words, write them down, and create a story that could illicit laughter, fear, sadness, or even secondhand embarrassment from the reader.

The written word is so much more than words and ideas combined to make a story. It’s the writer’s imagination coating each page, giving the reader a glimpse of the fantastic abilities of the human mind. At first I was apprehensive about sharing my thoughts in such a personal way (see my first post). Now, I’ve decided that I want to finally tackle what I’ve been wanting to do my entire life – write books. This blog will be a loose documentation of my journey that I hope others will be interested in reading about.

I’m always open to ideas, critiques, or other suggestions, so emails and comments are more than welcome! I’ll be doing book reviews, discussing articles or other blog posts that I find relatable, and examining the the aspects of my own journey that make the writing process easier or much more difficult.

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